Shashank Khare

Shashank Khare is an investment professional and writer. After studying engineering at IIT-Delhi and business administration at IIM-Ahmedabad he entered the world of credit derivatives before CDS became a four-letter word. Having successfully batted through the credit crisis and sovereign debt crisis, he now indulges his passion for economics, finance and policy through writing and trading.

India’s Slide Into Medievalism

February 12, 2013

The traditional feudal society behind the façade of a modern liberal democracy has been revealed after the Delhi rape. It has also highlighted the increasingly bitter clash of civilisations within a civilisation. Although column inches, candles and slogans have been liberally expended over yet another tragic case, it is far...

Europe, A House Divided

July 05, 2012

Northern European strength is not infinite and neither is its patience, reflects Shashank Khare as Germany reacts to recent political developments  

In Defence of the German Point of View

March 07, 2012

Germany’s hesitancy in signing a blank cheque to end the Eurozone debt crisis bewilders the world but is understandable in light of the German experience.

Et Tu Portugal?

February 15, 2012

Despite denials, Portugal looks to follow the precedent laid down in the Greek debt restructuring. “Never believe anything until it is officially denied.” – Rt. Hon. James Hacker “Feb. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Portugal “expressly” denies that it’s sounding out advisers on options to restructure its debt, the Finance Ministry said...

Monetarist Dogma: Defunct Economics

January 19, 2012

  The economics behind the financial crisis. ‘Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke’ is a maxim that neatly encapsulates human tendency to stick to a strategy which has proven successful in the past and to apply it to new situations. The problem is not that it isn’t true but...