Samir Devalaraja

Samir Devalaraja is a student at the University of Pennsylvania. He aspires to merge his passion for science and technological innovation with his innate desire to serve the oppressed throughout the world. He has been part of biomedical research since a young age, conducting research at the University of Michigan, Children's National Medical Center, the National Institutes of Health, and currently at the University of Pennsylvania. Devalaraja's current research interests lie in understanding the potent role of the immune system in the development of obesity and diabetes. Further, his entrepreneurial mindset has led him to found LabHuddle, a startup in the laboratory product space. He is a Thiel 20 Under 20 Finalist and is eager to develop technologies and craft paths to push them into the market for a greater social cause
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A New Way to Curb Female Feticide

Thousands of mothers in India are coerced into aborting their female child. The widespread misuse of prenatal ultrasound has led to a genocide against the female gender. In India, due to fetal sexing, a female fetus is selectively aborted every 12 seconds. As long as multinational corporations continue to sell cheap ultrasound machines to developing countries, and while the law permits abortion... Continue Reading

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