Supriya Sehgal

Kalaripayatu – Kerala’s Martial Art

A glimpse at one of the oldest sports of Kerala Having paved the way for Kung fu and Karate, Kalaripayatu is not only one of the oldest and most artistic, but also the most lethal display of athleticism on the otherwise serene topography of Kerala. A trip to one of the most internationally identifiable tourist destinations in India falls bland if you do not get a bite of this age old martial art... Continue Reading

Fair Observer

Who Says We Are Not a Sporting Nation?

The color and vivacity of the boat races are telling characteristics of festival time in Kerela. This argument that has often flung sports columns of newspapers and vociferous TV commentators into a verbal paranoia. The frenzied debaters need to pause, step out of their urban discontented contextualisation owned by cricket alone and re-think, or rather, travel a little more–as in some... Continue Reading

Fair Observer
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