Robert Kasenene

Robert has has worked in youth development for over seven years across Africa (based in Tanzania), and has established and helped run a number of youth run institutions in Tanzania. He has consulted on a number of national and international development processes pertinent to young people. He currently runs a consulting firm, CoDe Services. He also writes a blog on development in Africa. He is inspired by the Pan-Africanism of Africa’s fore-fathers, Julius K. Nyerere, Kwame Nkuruma, Nelson Mandela, and believes that if the connections he is making across the continent amongst young people are informed by the same spirit, a new Africa can be forged.

Africa: What of our Ageing Population?

With a rapidly ageing population and high youth unemployment, Africa must evolve its social safety nets for the elderly. About Ageing: Facts and Statistics If you ask people on the ground in Africa about the ageing population, the response is, “So? People must get old and the older they can get, the better.” Growing old is a matter of respect, achievement, satisfaction and... Continue Reading

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The Time is Now: Reflections on Africa's Demographic Transition

A reflection on Africa’s burgeoning potential. The demographic dividend discussion is broad and encompasses a variety of disciplines. If one reviews the diverse literature on the subject, its most common aspect is the idea that some countries, particularly those in Sub-Saharan Africa, may well be the exception to the rule. The focus presented here will not be on the arithmetic around... Continue Reading

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