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Ravi Kant Tripathi is a Paris based lawyer turned labor economist. He is interested in the welfare state, international development, and energy policy.
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Emmanuel Macron's War on Welfare

France is in chaos. For the last five years, the land of wine, cheese and chateaux has dominated headlines for all the wrong reasons: a series of terror attacks, the yearlong mobilization by the gilets jaunes, and now the longest transport strike in over two decades that crippled Île-de-France (greater Paris region) amid growing social discontent and police brutality. Scores of anti-Semitic... Continue Reading

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Modi's Kashmir Decision Is a Gamechanger

India has taken a decision on Jammu and Kashmir, putting the hotspot region back in the news. The recently re-elected Modi government scrapped the temporary special provisions for the Indian state and reorganized it as a Delhi-administered territory. The move is a fundamental paradigm shift in India’s Kashmir policy. This historic decision completes the integration of India after... Continue Reading

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Candidates Bet on Welfare Populism in India’s Election

India's opposition is attempting to thwart neoliberal Modinomics with its own version of economic populism. The world’s largest democracy is days away from its national elections. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s re-election bid seems stronger than ever before. The attacks of main opposition Indian National Congress party on issues like unemployment, communal polarization and favoritism in... Continue Reading

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Davos Is Losing Its Shine

Davos is essentially a symbol of crony capitalism camouflaging as a pro-globalization voice. This year is already witnessing a profound global political instability. Britain’s confusion over the Brexit deal continues, and so do the weekend protests by the gilets jaunes, or the yellow vests, in France. Donald Trump’s administration is reeling from the longest government shutdown in... Continue Reading

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Will India's Unemployment Crisis Cost Modi His Job?

The challenge of fixing India’s job crisis is an unachievable task for any one-term government. India is the world’s fastest-growing major economy. It is also home to the highest number of unemployed in the world. More than half of India’s 1.2-billion population is under the age of 25. These predominantly youthful voters cheered Prime Minister Narendra Modi to a historic electoral... Continue Reading

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Questioning Germany’s "Employment Miracle"

The claim of German success based on the low unemployment rate does not explain how gains and losses are distributed across the population. Germany, with the world’s largest trade surplus and record-low unemployment, is sold as an economic superstar and a “model” for the rest of Europe. While Germany might not seem to have an unemployment problem, is there a deepening employment... Continue Reading

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Making India Relevant at the G-20 Summit

The G-20 summit offers India a strategic opportunity to emerge as one of the stabilizing poles in a world with growing geopolitical uncertainty. Foreign policy has been a key highlight of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s first term. In the last four years, India’s global standing and diplomatic footprint have substantially expanded. The latest G-20 summit in Argentina is the... Continue Reading

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