Rashmi Sheila

Rashmi Sheila is a freelance researcher and writer based in New Delhi, India. She has spent five years as an editorial assistant at the Studies in Nepali History and Society journal. She has conducted research on women's issues, Nepali migrants and diaspora and the changing labor force. Her writing has appeared in various magazines, journals and blogs.

Selling Womanhood at a Cheap Price

March 08, 2017

Women started raising questions about their rights and selves a long time ago. Yet not much has changed. Why am I the way I am? Why can I not be happy with the idea of being a “homemaker,” as most of my friends can? I really do not understand how...

Bollywood Still Hasn’t Changed

January 28, 2017

In India, the status quo of gender is promoted in popular culture. Reading through a Times of India article from 2013, “International Women’s Day: Bollywood and its bold women characters,” I was excited to see the names of movies I had watched, like Mother India (1957), Aandhi (Storm 1974) and English Vinglish (2012). I could...

In South Asia, Violence Against Women is On the Rise

January 09, 2017

Violence against women in South Asia has become so common and normalized that, instead of decreasing, it is on the rise.  A few days ago, I encountered a situation where one of my friends commented on how women’s working abilities are less than those of men. I responded to him about...