Rahim Hamid

Rahim Hamid is an author, freelance journalist and human rights advocate based in the United States. He is the editor of the Dur Untash Studies Centre (DUSC) based in Canada. Hamid’s writings often focus on the plight of the Ahwazi people in Iran.

Iran’s Ethnic Minorities Face Double Discrimination

December 06, 2021

Last month, human rights organizations and many national legislatures commemorated the anniversary of the November 2019 protests in Iran and the crackdown that followed. The regime’s response included the murder of more than 130 Ahwazi Arabs. Iran’s ethnic minorities endure double discrimination — from the ruling regime and from the...

Repression Is No Longer Enough to Stem the Anger of Iran’s Minorities

May 09, 2019

Disregarding the vital role of Iran’s non-Persian minorities can only divide and weaken the opposition, leaving it with insufficient support to challenge or overthrow the current regime.  Throughout history, dictators and authoritarians have expended great efforts in presenting their nations as monolithic states united behind the regime. Iran is no...