Rachel Spence

Rachel Spence is a writer, journalist and poet based in London who regularly writes on art and culture for the Financial Times and Art Quarterly. She has published a poetry pamphlet, Furies (Templar Poetry 2016) and a poetry collection, Bird of Sorrow (Templar Poetry, 2018). After living in Venice, Italy for nine years, she is now based in London. Her new poetry pamphlet Call and Response will be published by The Emma Press in 2020

If a Statue Offends My Sister, It Also Offends Me

July 02, 2020

Since the toppling of the statue of slaver Edward Colston in Bristol last month, a stream of articles, many by white writers, have called for such monuments to be placed in museums. These writers argue that, with sensitive curation, such statues can act to educate a public ignorant of the...

“Less Lethal” Oppression: Gentler Than Bullets, But Still Deadly

January 30, 2020

Last July, Warren B. Kanders stepped down from his role as vice chairman of the Whitney Museum of American Art. His resignation was a response to protests regarding the sale of tear gas by his company, Safariland. Their ire was roused by reports that the tear gas had been used...

Shahidul Alam: Caught in the Crossfire of Bangladesh's Fledgling Democracy

October 24, 2018

How do you persuade a government to release a prisoner, however wrongfully incarcerated, if it doesn’t want to cooperate? Thousands of signatures, tweets, Instagram and Facebook posts. Dozens of articles. Then there are the rallies: from Kathmandu to New York, from Rome to New Delhi, London to Mumbai. Week by...