Philip Eliason

Philip Eliason was the senior adviser to the former Australian foreign minister, Julie Bishop, for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), sub-Saharan Africa and international security. He has worked on various development assistance projects in Yemen, Libya and Tunisia. He was also adviser to the Australian minister for agriculture and the minister for natural disasters and emergency management. His career began with diplomatic postings in Cairo and Damascus, running national industry associations, representing Australia's private sector on Australian delegations at UN treaty and convention negotiations to the aid sector and into Parliament.

Finding the Source of Australian National Strength in the China Context

December 02, 2021

Two starkly different viewpoints published in The Australian over Canberra’s posture toward China show the contrasting approaches to strategic uncertainty and perception of threat from Beijing. The first article was posited by Hugh White on November 21 and the second was put forward by Peter Jennings two days later.  ...

The UAE’s Approach to Humanitarian Assistance

October 26, 2021

Early investment by Abu Dhabi in a rapid humanitarian response hub paved the way for an Emirati regional leadership role in humanitarian affairs and a model for future multilateral operations. The Emirates Humanitarian City (EHC), based in Abu Dhabi, has now moved from its founding mission, providing urgent humanitarian post-disaster...