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Paul Jackson is a professor at the University of Northampton, specializing in the history and contemporary dynamics of the extreme right. Jackson has written on a wide range of topics related to the extreme right, including online activism, lone-actor terrorism and conspiracy theories, and has engaged with diverse partners outside academia on this issue. He is the author of "Colin Jordan and Britain's Neo-Nazi Movement: Hitler's Echo" and "Pride in Prejudice: Understanding Britain's Extreme Right."
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The Far Right and the Politics of Feeling

For researchers looking from the outside, the small, impassioned worlds generated by the extreme right can seem, to say the least, deeply unappealing. The agendas of such extremists are often hopelessly unlikely to succeed, and the views expressed by activists render them beyond the pale for most of society. Yet many people give large sections of their adult lives to movements and parties that,... Continue Reading

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Charismatic Leadership and the Far Right

Horia Sima, a central figure within the interwar Romanian fascist organization the Iron Guard, once described his leader, Corneliu Codreanu, as follows: “What was most impressive, on first contact with Codreanu, was his physical appearance. Nobody could pass him by without noticing him, without being attracted by his look, without asking who he was. His public appearance provoked curiosity.... Continue Reading

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Understanding the Dynamics of the Far Right

While this article is not about the extreme right’s responses to COVID-19, thinking about this issue briefly does give us a clear example of what it does focus on: the groupuscular dynamics of the extreme right. Across the globe, myriad extreme-right organizations have been finding ways to capitalize on the coronavirus crisis, from arguing it is a product of Chinese communism to claiming it... Continue Reading

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The New Man in Fascism Past and Present

“The trenchocracy is the aristocracy of the trenches,” declared Benito Mussolini on the pages of Il Popolo d’Italia in December 1917. Reflecting on the new type of man emerging from the war, he went on: “What an immense moral force is contained in the patriotic spirit of those who come back from the front … The disabled servicemen of today are the vanguard of the great army who will... Continue Reading

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What Drives Extreme-Right Violence?

In an era where media reporting simplifies everything, we need to remember that threats of terrorism come from both Islamism and the extreme right. How seriously should we take the risk of violent extremism emanating from the extreme right? The UK has seen a notable rise in hate crimes since Brexit. Its most serious extreme-right incidents in the past few years include the murder of the... Continue Reading

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The Far Right in Britain: Challenging Complacency

While it is true that the far right does not have the same political presence in Britain compared toother countries in Europe, we should recognize far right policies are often radicalised forms of mainstream concerns and these need to be challenged. There is a complacent narrative in the United Kingdom that likes to think that the British public are immune from far right... Continue Reading

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