Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective

Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective connects history with today. A project of the Public History Initiative and eHistory in the History Department at the Ohio State University and Miami University, Origins produces several features that analyze a pressing issue in a broader, deeper context. Origins’ main articles focus on the long-term trends and patterns, search for the foundations of today’s events, and explore the often complicated nature of a particular current event. The final goal of Origins is to make us all more informed, engaged citizens. As the American philosopher John Dewey wrote, “History which is not brought down close to the actual scene of events leaves a gap.”

What's "Natural" on the Galapagos Islands?

Nov 05, 2020

In geologic years, the Galapagos Islands are infants. Located on the perpetually moving Nazca tectonic plate, the islands were formed through repeated volcanic activity. Layer by layer, the islands have risen off the ocean floor, forming a chain that is approximately 5 million years old.

100 Years of Women and the Vote

Oct 20, 2020

On the centennial of the ratification of the 19th Amendment in August, the Ohio State University College of Arts and Sciences hosted a conversation with a panel of experts. They discuss the legacy of enfranchisement, gender disparity in elected officials and how history informs the US election.

The Future of Women in US Politics

Oct 12, 2020

Historian Sarah Paxton looks back at what we have learned over the last seven episodes and also forward to what this means for the future of women in American politics.

Mom and Apple Pie

Sep 30, 2020

In the sixth episode of this serial podcast, historian Sarah Paxton looks at the lasting impact of the conservative women's movement.

The Liberation of Paris

Sep 22, 2020

Learn more about this important moment in World War II, as well as the soldiers and civilians who took part in the liberation.

A “Slut from East Toledo”

Sep 18, 2020

In the fifth episode of this serial podcast, historian Sarah Paxton looks at the next era of the women's rights movement in the aftermath of World War II.

How the Romans Responded to Disasters

Sep 10, 2020

When we reflect on the history of government response to natural disasters, we discover that the expectation that central governments should play a role in recovering from such disasters can be traced back to the actions of three Roman emperors.

The Aftermath of the 19th Amendment

Sep 08, 2020

In the fourth episode of this serial podcast, historian Sarah Paxton looks at aftermath of the 19th Amendment and women's rocky transition from suffrage-focus activists to American voters.

Equal Suffrage Awaits Trial

Aug 31, 2020

In the third episode of this serial podcast, historian Sarah Paxton looks at the crucial 1910 turning point in the suffrage movement.

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