Omar Mashjari

Omar Mashjari is British-Yemeni lawyer and writer. He graduated with a first class honors degree in law, and a distinction grade Master of Law. He writes for a number of publications, focusing on the Gulf and also on corporate law.

What Lies Ahead for Yemen in 2017?

January 08, 2017

For Yemen, it’s a case of: there’s only one way up when you’re at zero. As the old saying goes, only once we have hit rock bottom can we rehabilitate ourselves. Usually the preserve of the individual, this saying can also been applied to countries in distress. And perhaps no...

5 Years After Arab Spring, Where Now for Yemen?

February 23, 2016

The hopes and dreams of Yemen’s youth have been crushed. Omar Mashjari explains. “Where will we be five years from now?” was the question that Yemeni youth had in their minds. The year was 2011 and the days were revolutionary—the Arab Spring in full force. With long-standing dictators overthrown in...

Bombing Yemen is Not the Answer

March 28, 2015

Amid poverty and water shortages, bombing Yemen will not solve the country’s problems. The last few days have marked a new distinctive chapter for Yemen’s slow descent into oblivion. As Saudi Arabia and its coalition of the willing continue their attacks on Houthi Shiite rebels and their foe-turned-ally, former Yemeni...