Niyanta Spelman

Niyanta Spelman is the founder and CEO of Rainforest Partnership, an Austin, Texas-headquartered nonprofit that achieves durable results in rainforest protection through rainforest community-based projects which create the incomes that take the economic incentives out of deforestation. Rainforest Partnership understands that economic problems demand economic responses. A visionary and inspirational leader, Spelman leads a dedicated team in Peru, Ecuador, Texas and elsewhere in fulfilling Rainforest Partnership’s mission to protect tropical rainforests.
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Putting Out the Fires in the Amazon

The Amazon is still burning. This isn’t new. The people who live there know that fires are set in the Amazon rainforest all the time. Tens of thousands of fires are set in the Brazilian Amazon every year and have been for decades. But the scale is unprecedented this year, and the secret is out. For the first time, the international community has borne witness to this ongoing assault on the... Continue Reading

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