Nishtha Chugh

Nishtha Chugh is the former Multimedia Editor at Fair Observer. An award-winning journalist, she has worked in Britain, the United States, Rwanda and India. Her work has appeared on the BBC, The Guardian, openDemocracy, Africa News, Outlook and The Indian Express, among others. She won The Guardian International Development Journalism Competition 2013. Fluent in four languages, Chugh holds a Master's in International Security from Bristol University. Chugh is the former International Security Editor at Fair Observer.

Will Britain Elect the Right Man to 10 Downing Street?

May 03, 2015

Britain goes to the polls on May 7, hoping to elect the right man for the job. “Unpredictable,” bellowed the opening lines of almost every media report home and abroad to describe the latest cycle of British electioneering. The electorate is polarized and the mandate splintered, they note. This time...

Barking at Russia is Easy, Biting is Not

March 06, 2014

Bungling with Russia over Crimea will send the West knocked out with a bloody nose. One way or another, it was a crisis a long time coming. Europe has arguably sleepwalked into a reluctant confrontation with Russia. The continent’s next-door behemoth of a neighbor, saddled by a man it secretly...

Russia's Separatist Movements

July 12, 2013

It is time Russia found a solution to secessionist movements like Chechnya. Background  Nestling between the Black and Caspian seas, the North Caucasus is home to a number of separatist movements, many of whom have grown into violent struggles over the past few decades and are now increasingly threatening Russia’s...

Afghan Refugees: A People Without Home

June 21, 2013

The imminent expulsion from Pakistan is threatening to push millions of Afghan refugees into deeper turmoil. In a little over a week, a population the size of Equatorial Guinea strewn in the shadow of Hindu Kush mountain range will be forced to move abode. The mass mobilization will see nearly...

North Korea: Playing Russian Roulette of the Nuclear Variety?

May 01, 2013

Justin Dargin, a geopolitics expert from the University of Oxford, speaks to Fair Observer's Nishtha Chugh about the implications of North Korea’s nuclear program and why its latest test is essentially a show of strength by its young leader. Nishtha Chugh: What is your evaluation of North Korea’s nuclear program...

Drones Warfare

December 21, 2012

Does execution of terror suspects through drones for security trump the basic human right to life and rule of law? Background

Sri Lanka Civil War

December 09, 2012

Years and years of bloody civil war have left their traces on Sri Lanka. Background

Geopolitics of Natural Resources

October 31, 2012

Natural resources are becoming the new powerful key to defining geopolitics and securing economic and strategic interests. Background Global power shifts in the post Cold-War era have characteristically moved away from traditional military rivalries to economic expansion and prowess. The paradigm, in part fuelled by technological advances and the ferocious...

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