Natalia Sharova

Natalia Sharova is an international security analyst and currently a graduate student at the University of Wyoming. She has recently interned with the Carnegie Moscow Centre where she researched on the identifiers of covert nuclear weapons programs. Previously, she worked on a nuclear security project at the Hudson Institute and at the BBC Moscow as a newsgathering and research assistant. She has also served as a rappoteur on the ASAN Nuclear Forum in Seoul. Natalia's work has published in the National Interest magazine, Voice of America and the Atlantic Community.

The Subversive Sochi Winter Olympics 2014

Political turmoil in the North Caucasus threatens to mar the Sochi Winter Olympics. On July 3, the leader of the Chechen terrorist group "Emirate Caucasus," Doku Umarov, released a video where he urged his supporters to disrupt the 2014 Olympic games in Sochi. In his video, he calls the games a "satanic dancing on the bones of our ancestors" and encourages "every mujahideen to apply ‘any... Continue Reading

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