S.N. Kazmi

Sayyed Nadeem Kazmi is an international attorney, humanitarian development adviser, former aid worker and British Red Cross volunteer, currently working as in-house counsel on human rights advocacy in South Asia. He has over thirty years of experience working with senior leadership teams within NGOs and ethically-minded companies. A former senior adviser and speechwriter to Prince Hassan of Jordan, he has also worked on numerous policy initiatives and campaigns, including the UN World Conference Against Racism and the Dialogue of Civilizations process. Listed in Georgetown University's 500 World's Most Influential Muslims list 2010-16, he was a chief NGO representative to the UN's Economic and Social Council.

Understanding Racism in All Its Forms

Jun 03, 2021

Twenty years ago, Amnesty International’s “Racism and the Administration of Justice” report warned that “unchecked racism can lead to tragedy on a massive scale.” Last week, as we remembered George Floyd and pondered over the meaning of his death a year ago, another aspect of unchecked racism resurfaced. On May...

Kashmir Reaches a New and Dangerous Level

Aug 19, 2019

In a regional environment where the slightest miscalculated move on one side can trigger an equally miscalculated reaction from the other, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s actions on August 5 over Jammu and Kashmir are simply bizarre. Article 370 of the Indian Constitution had effectively given semi-autonomous status to Jammu...