Michael Hutt

Michael Hutt is Professor of Nepali and Himalayan Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. He completed a BA in South Asian Studies (Hindi) in 1980 and a PhD on the history of the Nepali language and its literature in 1984, both at SOAS. In 1987, he returned to SOAS as a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, and has been engaged in teaching and research relating to Nepal ever since. Hutt was Head of the South Asia Department from 1995-9, and has served as both Associate Dean (2002-4) and Dean (2004-10) of the Faculty of Languages and Cultures. The study of modern and contemporary Nepali literature is Hutt's home ground, and he is well-known as a translator. However, he has also published on Nepali politics, Nepali art and architecture, censorship in the Nepali print media, and the Bhutanese refugee issue. His latest completed work is a book-length biographical study of the Nepali poet Bhupi Sherchan. Hutt's publications include Himalayan Voices: an Introduction to Modern Nepali Literature (1991), Nepal in the Nineties: Versions of the Past, Visions of the Future (1994), Modern Literary Nepali: an Introductory Reader (1997), Unbecoming Citizens: Culture, Nationhood, and the Flight of Refugees from Bhutan(2003) and Himalayan People's War: Nepal's Maoist Rebellion (2004).
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Nepal: Changing Fortunes?

The quest for political stability in Nepal has begun. Nepal’s first Constituent Assembly (CA) was elected in April 2008. The assembly was one of the principal outcomes of the People’s Movement of 2006 and the Comprehensive Peace Agreement of 2007, the latter of which brought an end to the ten-year armed struggle between the state and the Nepal Communist Party (Maoist). The 601-seat CA was... Continue Reading

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