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Mayank Singh is the author of the military thriller "Wolf's Lair" (2016), which has earned rave reviews. He is a researcher on Indo-China-Pakistan relations and writes columns on Indian political strategy and national security.
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Water Becomes a Weapon in China’s Geopolitical Chess

Many centuries ago, the great Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu observed: “The nature of water is such that it avoids heights and hastens to the lowlands. When a dam is broken, the water cascades with irresistible force. Now the shape of an army resembles water. Take advantage of the enemy’s unpreparedness; attack him when he does not expect it; avoid his strength and strike his emptiness, and... Continue Reading

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Congress Manifesto Raises Terrifying Questions about Jammu and Kashmir

As India goes to the polls, its opposition party is proposing a policy that threatens the unity of the country. All political parties bring out manifestoes before elections. Think of them as love letters to the electorate that tell citizens about the person wooing them. In India’s ongoing national election, the manifesto of the Indian National Congress tells us a lot about this party. The... Continue Reading

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Go, Lebensraum and Doklam: The New Great Game

Despite China and India disengaging in Doklam, the Chinese quest for territorial dominance will continue to create tension. The Chinese invented the game of Go over 2,500 years ago. It begins with an empty game board as participants take turns to place stones on it, signifying control of territory. As the game progresses, players have to balance the need to acquire territory against... Continue Reading

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Is Kashmir Reaching an Inflection Point?

After 70 years of independence, India is finally making headway against Pakistan in its proxy war on Kashmir. Kashmir is approaching an inflection point. The tide is turning with the relentless targeting of insurgents by Indian security forces. It is not merely the numbers that are impressive with 126 terrorists being killed up until August 6. The fact that security forces have succeeded in... Continue Reading

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Pakistan and Lutyens’ Delhi Play Games in Kashmir

English-speaking elites in Lutyens’ Delhi tragically aid and abet Pakistan’s longstanding designs to pry Kashmir away from India. On May 21, Fair Observer published an article by this author titled “Arundhati Roy, Please Do Not Support Pakistan’s Jihad in Kashmir.” It was republished by NewsLaundry. On May 24, The Wire* ran an article titled “How Fake News Triggered Republic... Continue Reading

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Lieutenant Murdered Because of India's Headless Chicken Syndrome

India’s political leadership has failed to counter the Pakistan army militarily or diplomatically, leading to tragic consequences for its security forces and the people of Kashmir. The recent death and mutilation of two Indian soldiers by the Pakistani army-backed border action team, followed by the abduction and brutal murder of Lieutenant Umar Fayaz by Pakistan-sponsored terrorists in... Continue Reading

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Erdogan Adds Fuel to Fire: Expect a Hot Summer in Kashmir

During a visit to India, Erdogan offered to play peacemaker on Kashmir to boost his credentials as the leader of the Muslim world. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has ensured that the summer in Kashmir will be hotter than anticipated. While all indicators from the valley — with stone throwers refusing to back down and terrorists being brazen in their attacks on security forces —... Continue Reading

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This is Why a Man Was Tied to a Jeep in Kashmir

Reporting in The New York Times over a man tied to a military jeep in Kashmir fails to establish the context. In 1953, The New York Times supported the CIA-led coup that ousted Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh in Iran. More recently, it acted as a cheerleader when George W. Bush decided to invade Iraq. That the war in search of weapons of mass destruction still continues in a different... Continue Reading

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Modi Dumps Nehru's "Strategic Restraint" Against Pakistan

After decades of pusillanimity, India decides to counter Pakistani terrorism by conducting surgical strikes across the border. In 1958, Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru wrote to US President Dwight Eisenhower: “ make it clear to you how anxious we have been ever since Independence to have normal and friendly relations with Pakistan. We had hoped that the old conflicts and the... Continue Reading

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An Open Plea to Narendra Modi: Lose the Trust Deficit

Are Indians losing trust in their prime minister? Here is one citizen’s account. Dear Mr. Modi, I write to you as an average citizen of India. I refrain from using the clichéd term “common man,” which has been flogged to death by politicians. I do not hold membership of any political party, as I find that all of them are affected by similar maladies. Though not bound by the... Continue Reading

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