Markus Schulze

Markus Schulze Wehninck currently works as an economic journalist in Munich. He completed his Master’s in International Relations at Freie Universität Berlin, and Sciences Po Paris. His main research interests are transnational terrorist networks, money laundering, and international political economy.

The Dirty Money Chase and its Dubious Career since 9/11

July 10, 2012

The global fight against money laundering has been heated by its coupling with counter terrorist financing. 9/11 fuelled the emergence of a financial surveillance system that makes banks accomplices of the state and turns customers into suspects.

Between Open Minds and Open Demands

May 03, 2012

Is the Occupy movement in Frankfurt the beginning of a civil society that occupies itself with the “hard facts” of finance, or is it loosing track? The activists’ discourses focalise on how a better financial world could be designed. Their demands remain decoupled from the current debates about bailout funds...