Mark Cummings

Mark Cummings is a technologist with a special interest in how technology affects society. He has been lucky enough to be involved in each of the steps of the information revolution of the last 50 years. Cummings uses that experience to help understand the forces at work today and how we might make decisions that produce a healthier world. He completed a PhD in Information Systems from Tohoku National University in Japan, an MBA in Communications Management from Wharton and a BA from San Francisco State University. Cummings has built many semiconductor, device, software and large-scale communications and computing systems and is a successful entrepreneur. He has played key roles in many international technical standards and community service organizations. Cummings has published extensively on technology and policy.

Regional Clouds Could Be the Answer

October 27, 2021

Regionally organized clouds (ROCs) can be the answer to a series of problems public policy is currently struggling with. Global cloud companies, including Google, Amazon and Microsoft, provide valuable services. But societal concerns are being raised about the control of data and the concentration of power. A 21st-Century Marshall Plan...

Egypt: Looking Forward

September 03, 2013

In seeking to understand Egypt's unrest, it may be helpful to reach back into US history. My friend network wrote a comment about my last article on Egypt quoting de Tocqueville, stating that political Islam was incompatible with democracy. A more accurate description might be that fundamentalist religion of any type...