Murat Onur

Murat Onur works as an independent consultant assisting local NGOs in conflict areas. He completed his Master’s in Security Policy Studies with a concentration in development and Middle East Studies at the George Washington University. Murat is the recipient of several awards including the British Chevening and HSBC Scholarships, International Peace and Security Institute Scholarship, and the GW Career Development Fellowship.
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Turkey’s Press Freedom Crisis

Turkey’s poor press freedom record contradicts its main strategic goal to establish the country as a regional power and the leader of the Muslim world, contests Murat Onur. The state of press freedom in Turkey has recently been in the spotlight, particularly after Reporters Without Borders declared the country as “the world’s biggest prison for journalists” last December. While... Continue Reading

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Syria Crisis Exposes Turkey’s Democracy Erosion

The Syrian crisis has put Turkey’s influence over regional issues to a bitter test. Ankara’s response has failed to stop the escalating violence and now also exposes the growing democracy deficit in Turkey. Turkish-Syrian relations were once the showcase of Ankara’s “zero problems with neighbors” policy. Trade between the two countries tripled in the space of a few years, the leaders... Continue Reading

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The Plight of Syrian Refugees in Turkey

While Turkey argues that it has the capacity to address the increasing flow of Syrian refugees, several refugee advocacy groups have criticized Turkey’s policies and have called on Ankara to adhere to its obligations under international law. As the international community is struggling to find a solution to end the violence in Syria, the humanitarian situation inside the country... Continue Reading

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