Lucas Ausems

Lucas Ausems holds an MA in Politics, Society and Economy of South and Southeast Asia from Leiden University. His main areas of focus are South and Southeast Asia, human rights and the history of colonialism.

Cultural Diversity is a Positive Light in a Dark World

July 07, 2015

The cultural diversity of the Asian-African Commemoration Conference is admirable. [Click the image above or scroll down to view the mini gallery.] If you were in Bandung, Indonesia in April, you wouldn’t have been able to avoid the 2015 Asian-African Commemoration Conference. The streets were decorated with colorful flags and banners depicting...

Myanmar Still Has a Long Way To Go

April 10, 2015

Progress in Myanmar is incremental, but the country’s vulnerabilities remain visible to both locals and foreigners. As a traveler exploring Myanmar, the scale and pace of development in the country is hard to miss. Wherever you look, there is some form of construction or renovation — from old office blocks getting new...

Bangladesh: Through the Eyes of a Traveler

January 15, 2015

Following his recent visit to Bangladesh, Lucas Ausems argues that only dialogue and mutual understanding will lead the country forward. When I arrived in Dhaka on October 30, I had no knowledge of Bangladesh, save for what I had learned at university during a couple of lectures on decolonization and...