Liam Liburd

Liam Liburd is a PhD candidate at the University of Sheffield, specializing in the UK radical right and British imperialism. His thesis is titled, “Radical Right, Imperial, White: Imperialism, Race and Gender on the British Radical Right, 1918 to 1968.” His research focuses on the relationship between the radical right and the British Empire. An article of his — on ideas of imperial masculinity in the British Union of Fascists — was published last year in Fascism: Journal of Comparative Fascist Studies. He has broader interests in gender and cultural historical approaches to British and imperial history in the 20th century.
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Why Is the Radical Right Obsessed With Southern Africa?

In 2018, the President of the United States Donald Trump posted a rather enigmatic tweet about“farm seizures and expropriations and the large scale killing of farmers” by the South African government. What initially seemed puzzling was soon everywhere. A few days later, during the former UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s three-day trip to Africa, right-wing MEP and leader of the Brexit Party... Continue Reading

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Dark Visions: The Historical Precursor to Europe's Radical Right

Euroskepticism is often discussed, particularly in the context of the ongoing Brexit debate, as a right-wing political cause. However, the recent maneuverings of the European authoritarian right ahead of the EU parliamentary elections in May suggest an attempt by the radical right to seize the institutional levers of Europe. Recent articles in The New Yorker and the New Statesman have warned of... Continue Reading

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