Laurence De L’Escaille

Originally from Belgium, Laurence holds a BA in History from Oxford and an MA in International Economics from Johns Hopkins SAIS, Washington DC. Her long-standing interest in political economy was fuelled by her work at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in London and at the International Monetary Fund in Washington DC. She currently works for McKinsey and Company in Nigeria.

Four Percent for Sarko’s Seat

In order to win the next round of the presidential election against Hollande, Sarkozy needs to win back the votes he lost from his own center-right, Orléanist base. According to the latest polls, Sarkozy is shy of just over 4% of votes, in order to retain his presidential seat. Where he finds the missing votes will be the determining factor in his fight for survival against Socialist... Continue Reading

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Belgium among the PIIGS

Belgium’s political divisions, a result of nationalist rivalry between the Flemish and Walloons, have hurt its fiscal cohesion, and raised questions about its ability to sustain its debt which reached near 100% GDP; however, Belgium is far from reaching the economic instability of the PIIGS. There is a new candidate to the European PIIGS. One which has none of the dolce vita charm of its... Continue Reading

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