Nehginpao Kipgen

Nehginpao Kipgen is general secretary of the US-based Kuki International Forum. His general research interests include political transition, democratization, human rights, ethnic conflict and identity politics. His research focuses on the politics of South and Southeast Asia, with a concentration on Burma/Myanmar. He has written numerous academic (peer-reviewed) and non-academic analytical articles on the politics of Burma and Asia that have been widely published internationally

US-Burma Relation: From Isolation to Engagement

After years of isolation and sanctions, the US-Burma relation has seen improvements in recent months. What is the prospect of this rapprochement? The article analyzes the bilateral relationship in historical perspective. The US-Burma relationship was mostly cordial in the years following Burma’s independence from the British in 1948. It strained with the Burmese military coup in 1962,... Continue Reading

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