Julián Chappa

Julián Chappa graduated as 'Editor of Books' at the University of Buenos Aires. His interests include literature, typography and history. He has lived in Barcelona for seven years, and worked for several publishers such as National Geographic, RBA, Océano, Planeta, and Random House Mondadori. In Argentina, he has collaborated in Clarín, Ñ and Todo es Historia. Currently, he is the editor and coordinator of the collection Histoire de Citroën, published in Spain.

Books, Books, Books: The Life of an Editor

July 21, 2013

Julián Chappa speaks to Enrique Murillo about his time in London, FC Barcelona, and the world of book publishing. Julián Chappa: You are an editor, journalist, translator, and writer. Which one did you become first?

Tango: A Metaphor for Argentine Culture

September 20, 2012

Tango has had a phenomenal influence, not only in Argentina, but around the world. Translated from the Spanish by Maria Cristina Fernandez Hall. “… Guajira-style flamenco music gave its melody for the milonga’s birth; the habanera, its rhythm; the black tango, its dance. That milonga, morphed by this triple influence, was...