Jarno Lang

Jarno Lang is CEO of the welfare organization ASB Hildesheim/Hameln-Pyrmont in Germany. He holds a PhD from the Department of International Relations at the University of Freiburg. His thesis focused on the image of US foreign policy in Indonesian media between 2001-12. He also holds an MA from the University of Heidelberg, majoring in American studies with a minor in global history and public law. He graduated as a specialized journalist from the Free Journalists School Berlin. His research focuses on international politics and Southeast Asia.

Citizenship in the Age of Populism

Amid the rise of populism, citizens should stand up to authoritarian threats but be aware of their own actions. In a way, this is just another airy op-ed ubiquitous in today’s media industry about the dangers of populism in the age of Donald Trump. Yes, our media landscape is more and more fragmented with news outlets for every taste, to which one can turn to when in need of... Continue Reading

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Donald Trump's Approach to International Relations

Since his election, Donald Trump has followed a different way of conducting politics. Shortly after winning the US election, US President-elect Donald Trump spoke to Tsai Ing-Wen, president of the Republic of Taiwan. By doing so, he neglected almost four decades of a carefully crafted bipartisan policy, aimed at acknowledging mainland China as a serious actor in international relations. As... Continue Reading

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In a Post-Obama World

Obama is not only a pop-cultural phenomenon, but also a pragmatic leader. His successor will have to deal with a worldwide net of dependencies. At the end of his eighth and final address at the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner, US President Barack Obama pulled a “Kobe Bryant” when he dropped a microphone at arm’s length with the words, “Obama out.” It is references to... Continue Reading

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The Migrant Crisis… It’s the Economy, Stupid

As long as global inequality exists, mass migration will continue to be fueled by war and economic woes. For the past 12 months, headlines over refugees and capsized boats have dominated the news agenda. The first month of 2016 was the deadliest January to date, counting casualties in the Mediterranean alone. The number of displaced people—about 60 million—is now on par with that... Continue Reading

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North Korea is Walking a Fine Line

By failing to notify China beforehand, the North Korean test of a hydrogen bomb heralds a new era of aggressiveness. On January 6, North Korea announced that it had successfully conducted a test on its first hydrogen bomb. The world’s major powers were quick in condemning this action as irresponsible. Although China will not vote for stricter sanctions against North Korea, the... Continue Reading

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Obama Shows Pragmatism in Pivot to Asia Strategy

By going on his trip to Asia even after the Paris attacks, President Obama focuses on long-term US strategy. When US President Barack Obama went on his trip to Asia in November after the Paris attacks, he earned severe criticism by a large number of commentators scathing him for not having a coherent strategy against terrorism and for the Middle East. What these analysts did not consider,... Continue Reading

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US Warship Doesn’t Scare China

Given the factors involved in US-China relations, territorial disputes in the South China Sea will not lead to open conflict. On October 26, true to its prior announcement, the Obama administration had a US Navy warship enter waters near the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea. The move was meant as a provocative signal to show China that Washington does not accept its territorial claims to... Continue Reading

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The Singapore Story Has Lessons

Fifty years after independence, one of the smallest but wealthiest nations has again reached a crucial moment in time. A mixture of a land and sea creature, the Merlion is a strange icon for a former colony to adopt. The Merlion, which was developed by the Singapore Tourism Board in 1964, today appears to have lacked the prepossessing stance of other national icons that stem from that... Continue Reading

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China-Based Bank Shows Asia is Rising

The creation of the AIIB opens up a new chapter in international relations and global finances. On June 29, under the leadership of China, 50 founding members signed contracts to create the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), with its main hub in Shanghai. Its three biggest shareholders are China, India and Russia. Interestingly, some nations that are otherwise close American... Continue Reading

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China is a Rising Dragon, But With No Blazing Fire

While careful concern about China’s rise is in place, outright panic as often witnessed is exaggerated. The fast rise of China from a developing country in the 1980s to a resourceful global player with still huge untapped future potential has triggered many critical reactions. While some already fear for the survival of the Western liberal system, others attempt to pour oil on troubled... Continue Reading

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