Hans-Georg Betz

Hans-Georg Betz is an adjunct professor of political science at the University of Zurich. Before coming to Zurich, he taught at various universities in North America, including Johns Hopkins University's School for Advanced International Studies (SAIS) in Washington, DC, and York University in Toronto. He is the author of several books and numerous articles and book chapters on radical right-wing populism. He holds a PhD in Political Science from MIT.

No, the Ban on Russian Athletes Should Not Be Lifted

In a recent article, Ellis Cashmore raised the provocative question of whether or not we should lift the ban on Russian sport instituted as a result of the invasion of Ukraine. Cashmore advances a number of sensible arguments, most importantly that this ban might turn out to be counterproductive. Instead of coaxing the Russian population to question the neo-imperialist delusions of its... Continue Reading

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Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Is a Wake-Up Call for Germany

Anyone who has ever studied international relations in the United States has been exposed to the so-called Melian dialogue. The Melian dialogue refers to an episode in the Peloponnesian War, pitting the representative of Melos, a small island, against the representatives of Athens. The Athenians, engaged in a war with Sparta, demanded that the Melians submit to their power, join their side and,... Continue Reading

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Playing Russian Roulette With COVID-19 “Cures”

Ivermectin is an excellent drug, at least as long as you happen to be a horse or a cow or some other livestock. If you are a patient infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, not so much. As the American Food and Drug Administration admonished earlier this year via Twitter, “You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it.” In the United States these days, this counts as vital... Continue Reading

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What No One Wants to Hear About Growth

Some 40 years ago, the Club of Rome published a study with what at the time was a relatively provocative title, “The Limits to Growth.” The book appeared at a time of rising environmental consciousness and growing uneasiness with respect to the state of the planet. Throughout the advanced industrialized capitalist West, citizens got involved in a range of movements that expressed anxiety... Continue Reading

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The Meaning of Freedom in the Times of COVID-19

Joshua Kimmich is among Germany’s most talented footballers. A key player with Bayern Munich as well as the German national team, he is an outspoken and vocal leader both on and off the pitch. Together with teammate Leon Goretzka, he founded WeKickCorona, a foundation that raises money to support charitable and social institutions engaged in the fight against COVID-19. Kimmich himself donated... Continue Reading

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In Switzerland, the COVID-19 Certificate Divides Opinions

Switzerland is in the news again, and not in a positive sense. Quite the contrary: In no country in Western Europe are COVID-19 vaccine skeptics as vocal and militant as in the confederation. And for good reasons. In Switzerland, most major policy questions such as defense, immigration and membership in international organizations have to be submitted to the voters via referenda and popular... Continue Reading

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Uncertain Times in a World Without American Hegemony

The international order is in deep trouble, and not only since the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is not how things were supposed to turn out. The collapse of the “evil empire,” the end of the Cold War and the integration of Central and Eastern Europe into the EU were supposed to bring about a new era of stability and prosperity, the latter epitomized most prominently by China’s... Continue Reading

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In Germany, Anti-Semitism Just Won’t Go Away

Sonny and Cher are among the best-known duos in pop history. Their 1965 single “I Got You Babe” is a must in any “best of” oldies-but-goodies compilation. On YouTube, the song has been viewed more than 14 million times. After the couple divorced, Cher embarked on a fulminant career that brought her iconic status in the US and elsewhere. Sonny went into politics, was elected mayor of Palm... Continue Reading

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Eric Zemmour’s Plan to Save France from Extinction

Until recently, France appeared to be on the way out, the Australian-American betrayal on the submarine deal the coup de grace, the ultimate humiliation for what once was known as the grande nation. Grand no longer, a nation at risk, collective psyche in the dumpster: autumn in France. Things could hardly get any worse. Germany and France Head Into Two Very Different Elections READ... Continue Reading

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Germany and France Head Into Two Very Different Elections

On September 26, German voters will go to the polls to elect a new Bundestag. The election marks the end of the Merkel era. It is supposed to ring in a new beginning, an Aufbruch, as they say in German. What is largely missing, however, is Aufbruchsstimmung — a certain positive mood fueled by expectations. It appears that the Germans don’t expect very much, whatever the outcome of the... Continue Reading

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