Hanieh Khosroshahi

Hanieh Khosroshahi is a writer and photographer based in Toronto. She completed her Bachelor’s at the University of Toronto, studying literature and visual arts, and then attended Sheridan College to study journalism and new media. She recently completed her Master’s at the University of York in Britain, studying sociology and computer science. She is interested in politics and international affairs, human rights issues and activism and technology.
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Sarajevo Today: Bridging East and West in Stari Grad

Sarajevo’s meeting of cultures makes it one of the most interesting cities in Europe. In April 1992, Bosnian Serb forces secured the hills that hug Sarajevo, which started the three and a half-year siege of the city. In what would become the bloodiest conflict since World War II, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s independence came at... Continue Reading

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A Meeting Point of History and Culture in Iran

Abyaneh is one of the most historic and authentic villages in Iran. Although Iran is known to make headlines about all things political, including its nuclear program, tense relations with the West and conservative policies led by hard-liners, it is also a country that prides itself in having one of the oldest civilizations in... Continue Reading

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Islamophobia and the Wider Implications of the Ottawa Attacks

A hostile response toward the Muslim community undermines our ability to cope with social issues in a constructive way. In light of the recent attacks in Quebec and Ottawa, discussions have centered on the nature of homegrown violence, security measures and new legislation that may be needed to keep the country safe, as well as the importance of strengthening Canadian values in the face of... Continue Reading

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