Giuseppe Acconcia

Giuseppe Acconcia is a journalist and a researcher who focuses on the Middle East. He lives between Cairo and London, and studied at the Bocconi University writing a thesis on the Iranian reformists. He currently works for Italian, Egyptian and British newspapers. Acconcia has previously written about the Iranian Green Movement, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Egyptian and Syrian revolts, and Italian current affairs. He has worked as a teacher of the Italian language, as a researcher on North Africa and the Middle East and for the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation, and has also published several short stories.

Virtual Exchange Brings Students and Refugees Closer

September 27, 2018

Can a virtual exchange program bridge the gap developing between the two sides of the Mediterranean? Since 1987, when the Erasmus project started, 9 million people have taken part in it, according to data collected by the European Commission. It might be considered as the most successful European project in...

The Murder of Giulio Regeni, Two Years On

February 08, 2018

Two years after the murder of Italian PhD student in Egypt, there is still no progress on bringing the perpetrators to justice.  Giulio Regeni, an Italian PhD student researching the Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions at Cambridge University, disappeared in Egypt on January 25, 2016. With no official reports...

Gaddafi May Be Dead, But Mubarak Is Still Alive

December 02, 2011

The Libyan Revolution ends whilst the Egyptian one continues. Many Egyptians are not happy about the achievements of their revolution. The youth, socialist and liberal activists, and even the Islamists despise the continuity between the post-revolutionary military government and the former Husni Mubarak regime. Somehow they think that the presence...