Gunnar Beck

Gunnar was an adviser to the House of Commons, a practicing barrister and a professor at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. A renowned scholar on EU law, Gunnar completed his doctorate in philosophy under the legendary Isaiah Berlin in Oxford. He has an intricate understanding of government systems and treaties, is deeply immersed in history and has an ability to look both at details and the big picture. His understanding of political, social, and cultural issues confronting Europe is incisive, and his ability to pick out key trends is superlative.

Eurozone Bailouts: The German Constitutional Court Says Yes but Bundesbank Says No

The German Constitutional Court passes a judgment to support Chancellor Merkel’s position on the European Stability Mechanism Treaty but the Bundesbank opposes European Central Bank’s unlimited bond buying programme. As I predicted in the Wall Street Journal in July,the German Constitutional Court last week deferred to the German government and approved the European... Continue Reading

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A Threat to Democracy: the European Stability Mechanism

Gunnar Beck argues that the European Stability Mechanism represents a clear breach of both of the EU Treaties and the German Constitution. The European Stability Mechanism (ESM) is the permanent rescue fund that may grant loans to struggling euro zone governments by issuing bonds. These bonds are guaranteed collectively by the euro zone members, with Germany assuming the largest potential... Continue Reading

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Germany Defends the Euro to Her Own Peril

Gunnar Beck believes that Germany’s guilt complex and short-term reasoning will lead her to continue defending the euro, while Chancellor Merkel’s policies show that Germany has still not become a properly sovereign and democratic nation yet.   ‘If the euro fails, Europe fails.’ German Chancellor Merkel’s words hearken back to Helmut Kohl’s statement that... Continue Reading

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The Myth of Germany's Gain

Gunnar Beck argues that Germany has suffered immensely because of the euro and supporting failing European economies like Greece is against its self-interest. William Rees-Mogg wrote in the venerable London publication, The Times on June 8 that he could “not see how German policy on the single currency can be defended. They enjoyed the restaurant meal but they do not want to pay the... Continue Reading

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The Never-Ending Third Reich and The Sado-masochism of Anglo-German Relations

Although born in Düsseldorf, one of Germany's larger cities and incidentally the location of Germany's westernmost international airport of any note, I went to university and have worked in Britain for over twenty years. By now I am accustomed to and enamoured by many things British. There are just as many others, which I shall never understand. One was brought home to me during a... Continue Reading

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