Fouad Oujani

Fouad Oujani is a university lecturer on foreign languages. He has over a decade of experience in the translation, interpretation and localization fields. Fouad is fluent in Arabic, Spanish, French and English. He has been a columnist for various newspapers in print and online. He is interested and involved in affairs regarding forms of governments, justice definitions, strategic studies and human intelligence. On the literary side, Fouad also spends a great deal of time writing poetry, short stories and essays in Arabic and calls for new literary forms characterized by originality and expressiveness.

The Sacred King

March 06, 2012

The combination of wealth, power, and sacredness is a trinity that may lead to the overthrow of the monarchy in Morocco. The last time I looked up the word "sacred" in English and Arabic dictionaries, “Mohammed VI, the King of Morocco” was not part of the definition. In ancient times...

Morocco May Not Be An Exception

February 11, 2012

Despite modest constitutional reforms by the Moroccan King following the start of the "Arab Spring", Morocco is not an exception to the regional political upheaval and could soon see its own uprising, argues Fouad Oujani.