Eric Larson

Eric Larson completed his bachelor’s degree in journalism and global studies at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. After graduation, he moved to Washington, DC, to intern with National Public Radio. His work has appeared in NPR, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune and Volume One magazine, among others.

Apocalypse NOT

March 20, 2012

A brief run-in with Harold Camping’s crew. I first heard about Harold Camping and his nonprofit radio station, Family Radio, when I was an editor at my college newspaper last March. It was a week before spring break, and the news staff and I were brainstorming ideas for an info-graphic...

Political Satire and the 2012 Elections

March 12, 2012

Satire is gaining popularity as a fresh approach to political commentary. Ask any Saturday Night Live (SNL) fan: Tina Fey’s impersonations of vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin during the 2008 elections were one of the most memorable character portrayals in the show’s 37-year-history. Palin, relatively unknown prior to her selection...