Emma Ley

Emma grew up in Oxford and studied English Literature, German and Philosophy at Durham University. She has lived in Vienna, Austria and Cheongju, South Korea. She is particularly interested in how the arts can help us in our daily lives and their power to define us.

A Very British Tradition

May 13, 2012

As we approach the end of the Queen’s 60th year on the throne, we can reflect on what she has brought to Britain.

Architecture: Remembering the Future

May 03, 2012

The importance of architecture lies in how it connects the past and the future, as well as man and his environment. The raw material of architecture is, above all, space. To a certain extent, space is imaginary. Its meaning rests in our perception of it. We are compelled to organize...

North Korea's National Consciousness

January 16, 2012

North Korea, or the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), is considered to be one of the most isolated countries in the world. The “Great Leader” Kim Il Sung developed his own personal brand of communism, Juche, which taught self-reliance and independence in all aspects of the state.