Dave Landry

Dave Landry Jr. is a personal finance manager and business owner who enjoys blogging and creating infographics in his spare time. Landry Jr. frequently writes for several finance sites on topics ranging from investing, credit lines, debt management, and the differences between savings accounts.

Bitcoins for the Uninitiated: An Introduction

January 31, 2014

What are the shortcomings of investing in Bitcoin? Let’s start at the beginning: What, you might ask, is a "Bitcoin"? A Bitcoin is a cyber monetary unit used in a revolutionary financial system known as Bitcoin, applicable to real-world transactions.

The 2013 Capital Gains Tax Hike: How to Defeat it

October 14, 2013

Can the capital gains tax be sidestepped? Granted, taxes are a drag. What’s an even bigger drag are capital gains taxes. Call them what you wish — “justified” or “penalties for hard work” — the fact is they’re going nowhere. And all of what used to be the old practice...