Danny Quah

Danny Quah is Director of the Saw Swee Hock Southeast Asia Centre at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). He is also Professor of Economics and International Development at LSE and Tan Chin Tuan visiting professor at the National University of Singapore. Quah has served as a council member on Malaysia’s National Economic Advisory Council and as a consultant for the Bank of England, the World Bank and the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

China’s Economy is Not Collapsing

January 22, 2016

China’s economy will not grow at double-digit rates forever, but the Asian giant is not collapsing. For three decades now, many of the world’s most insightful observers have predicted the imminent demise of China’s system. But these same three decades have also seen China confound expectations. China’s economy turned in...

We Shouldn't Be Worried About China's Slowing Growth

May 04, 2015

China’s growth rate of 7% today means something even more positive than its 12% growth rate in 2005. What does China’s growth slowdown mean to you? I ask here not about the New World Order, global power shifts or whether the United States retains its position as a global hegemon. Nor...

Chinese Lessons: Singapore’s Epic Regression to the Mean

December 03, 2014

China might continue growing faster than 6% per annum, but it’s not a bad thing either if the country fails to keep that pace. Across all recorded history, 99% of humanity has never invented a single thing. Yet, it is a truth universally acknowledged that long-run sustained progress in economic well-being...