Chris Wolumati

Chris Wolumati Ogbondah is a professor of journalism, and was the coordinator of the mass communication program in the department of communication studies, University of Northern Iowa for over 12 years. Ogbondah is the author of The press in Nigeria: An annotated bibliography; Military regimes and the press in Nigeria, 1966-1993; State-press relations in Nigeria, 1993-1998: Human rights and democratic development. He has published articles in the Gazette:International Journal of Communication, Political Communication and Persuasion, Afrika Spectrum, African Issues, Africa Media Review, Public Relations Quarterly and other scholarly journals as well as book chapters on the media in Africa. Professor Ogbondah worked as a news reporter and program producer at the WNTV/WNBS, Ibadan, and Nigerian Television, Port Harcourt, Nigeria. He was an assistant editor at The Tide in Port Harcourt, and has worked as a reporter at six American newspapers, including The Grand Rapids Press, Michigan and Lexington News, Missouri. He has been a recipient of American Press Institute Fellowships and American Society of Newspaper Editors Fellowship.


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