Chipamong Chowdhury

Chipamong Chowdhury is a contemplative political researcher, socially engaged Buddhist monastic activist and teacher of Buddhist studies, humanistic spirituality, and Asian humanities — emphasizing on Theravada studies in South and Southeast Asia. He is a member of the HumanDHS Global Core Team and co-coordinator of the HumanDHS World Gender Relations for Equal Dignity (WGenderRED) project. He comes from an ethnic minority in Bangladesh known as the Marma. He holds three MAs in Buddhist Studies, Religious Studies, and South Asian Studies from the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka; the Naropa University, USA; and the University of Toronto, Canada. He also travels extensively in Asia and North America, teaching and facilitating applied mindfulness workshop on empowerment through mindfulness-meditation and compassionate action. Currently, he teaches at the University of Tartu on contemporary Buddhism and Pali language.
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