Carmen Aguilera-Carnerero

Carmen Aguilera-Carnerero is a lecturer of English at the Department of English and German Philology at the University of Granada in Spain. She is also a senior fellow at the Centre for the Analysis of the Radical Right and co-editor of the academic journal GRETA.
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Proscribing the Far Right: Is Spain Doing Enough?

Proscription, the listing of some groups or organizations as terrorists, has become a crucial counterterrorism initiative adopted by liberal democratic governments. Despite the criticism proscription has caused due to it occurring at the discretion of individual states, it has proved to be an effective preventative strategy. Since the banning of the far-right National Action in the United... Continue Reading

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The Case of Forced Cremations in Sri Lanka

From 1983 to 2009, Sri Lanka saw a bloody civil war between the majority Buddhist Sinhalese and the minority Tamils. The conflict led to invaluable losses both economically and politically. To this day, the deep socio-religious wounds have yet to heal on the island in South Asia. Since the war ended, there have been intermittent episodes of violence between ethnoreligious groups. Although the... Continue Reading

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Sinhala, Tamil and the National Identity of Sri Lanka

In March 2015, the unexpected newly elected president of Sri Lanka, Maithripala Sirisena, stated that the national anthem could be sung in Tamil at official and institutional events. For anyone alien to life on the teardrop island, this announcement may have come as a surprise since, after all, Tamil and Sinhala are the two official languages of the country. Yet the reality in Sri Lanka has been... Continue Reading

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The Tale of the Two Spains

The arrival of Podemos and VOX on the Spanish political scene not only meant that voters had new electoral options. It also led to a new, groundbreaking style that was a change from the stereotypical, uncreative and overused rhetoric displayed by other parties for years. With Podemos, a left-wing party, Spaniards have become accustomed to phrases that are a break from what they considered... Continue Reading

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In Sri Lanka, Cartoonists Take on the Alt-Right

It has been traditionally accepted in modern societies that the media play a key role in the way they function. Journalists counteract the abuses of power by governments, frame political issues and are implicitly recognized as being part of the political system with a remarkable amount of social influence. In countries where the political systems are broken, and where journalism can often... Continue Reading

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Memes of Hate: Countering Cyber Islamophobia

Linking hate speech or extreme language with humor looks disturbing, since it is assumed that prejudice, intolerance and fanaticism are humorless per se. Memes have a frequent presence in our daily lives. They flood our timelines on different social media platforms, usually to provide us with a smile. Originally, the term “meme” was coined by biologist Richard Dawkins in his 1976 book, The... Continue Reading

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Is a New Style of Politics Coming to Spain?

Only time will tell if Vox’s rise is borne of disappointment with the country’s political process, or whether there is a real solidarity with the movement’s ideological principles. In recent years, Spain’s political system has gone through a number of convulsions. The traditional alternation in government between the conservative People’s Party (PP) and the Spanish Socialist... Continue Reading

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