Annette Weber

Annette Weber is a senior fellow in the Middle East and Africa research division of the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) in Berlin. Between 2003 and 2006, she was the coordinator of the Ecumenical Network Central Africa (Berlin) and previously served at Amnesty International as a Sudan and Uganda expert. Weber's research fields focus on sub-Saharan Africa, especially the Horn of Africa and East Africa; wars and conflicts; and social and political change. Her current focus is on Somalia, Sudan, Darfur, conflict relations and regional stability in the Horn of Africa.

The Sudan Conference Presents an Opportunity

Jun 24, 2020

A little more than a year has passed since the coup that toppled Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir. On June 25, the Sudan Partnership Conference — convened by Germany in concert with Sudan, the European Union and the United Nations — will coordinate action to overcome the country’s economic difficulties. The...

East Africa Faces a Cascade of Crises

Jun 04, 2020

In East Africa, particularly in the Horn of Africa, several crises are currently overlapping. For some time now, climate events such as droughts have been creating major food supply bottlenecks in addition to fueling conflict and war. These issues are being exacerbated by a locust swarm that originated in Yemen...

Al-Shabab and the Kenya Attack: Influencing Politics?

Sep 27, 2013

What are the origins of Somalia's al-Shabab? Radical Islamists killed at least 67 people in Kenya, while dozens are still missing. Annette Weber talks about the history, structure and ideology of the al-Shabab militia, which is responsible for the terrorist attack in a shopping mall in Nairobi. Candida Splett: Somalia’s al-Shabab militia...