Alex Thibodeau

Alex Thibodeau is a freelance journalist and a marketing strategist for a professional development firm. He graduated from DePaul University – Chicago in 2012 with a BA in Political Science and an AA in Journalism. He has written extensively for the DePaulia, an award-winning college weekly. The majority of his work is in international politics, with a particular interest in the Middle East.

Elections in Jordan: A Catalyst for Abdullah's Instability?

January 22, 2013

Jordan is one of the few monarchies in the Arab world to retain control of its government, but the boycott of elections may be the beginning of the end for King Abdullah. A considerable concession of power to his legislature will be necessary in order for the king to remain...

The Arab Uprisings: A Peaceful Summer or a Violent Winter?

August 21, 2012

The uprisings in the Arab world may be prime opportunities for pro-West democracy to make its move, but voting trends indicate that is not what the people want. The Arab world is undoubtedly in a time of political upheaval. There are some questions, however, of the permanency of these transitions...