Akunyili Tochukwu

Akunyili Tochukwu is an MPP student at the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy, specializing in International Political Economy and Management of Non-Public Organisations. He is currently researching how Africa should make the most of developmental trends from utilization of the myriad opportunities availed by globalization. Previously, he worked in political communication and public relations. He also holds an undergraduate degree in philosophy.
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How African Governments Can Use Private Companies for Improved Project Delivery

Strong institutions and the elimination of corruption will lead to better delivery of PPP projects in Africa. The enormous infrastructure gap crippling human and economic development in Sub-Saharan Africa can be addressed through a collaboration of the private and public sectors—popularly known as Public-Private Partnerships (PPP). The recently completed World Bank MOOC (Massive Open Online... Continue Reading

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Africa Must Improve Its Welfare Services

African governments must provide a better level of social protection for their citizens. The African welfare state and how it distributes resources is an interesting point of analysis. While some people see an all-inclusive welfare state structure, others see a system that overwhelmingly favors an economic elite. I belong to this latter group. Most African countries lack a coherent... Continue Reading

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Nigeria and Efforts at Environmental Management

For environmental laws and regulations to become effective in Nigeria, the government must enact change. Human beings cannot really claim to be living a life that is fully human, if they do not live in harmony with nature. In countries like the United States, Britain, Germany and France, environmental sustainability is a significant issue that can make or break a political party’s... Continue Reading

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Anticipating Nigeria's 2015 Elections

Nigeria's electoral commission needs to make more of an effort for a credible run in 2015. On November 16, 2013, Nigeria’s electoral umpire, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), conducted gubernatorial elections in the country’s southeastern state of Anambra. Nigeria keeps a set electoral calendar which usually sees politicians elected into federal, state, and... Continue Reading

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Boko Haram and its Economic Consequences

Boko Haram could have a disastrous impact on Nigeria’s economy. In May, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan suspended the constitution and declared a state of emergency in three states at the northeastern tip of Nigeria. On August 10-11, an attack on a mosque in the state of Maiduguri left 56 people dead — Boko Haram is largely believed to have been responsible. Boko Haram, the... Continue Reading

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Nigeria: Criminalizing Homosexuality

Same-sex marriage legislation in Nigeria violates constitutional principles. Freedom of self-expression is a fundamental right that is almost synonymous with the notion of modern democracy. An examination of the struggle for independence of colonized nations from their colonial masters, of women's struggle for suffrage, the American Civil Rights Movements, and the struggle for equality in... Continue Reading

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Microfinance and the Dilemma of IPOs

Microfinance is undergoing a fundamental challenge, as the participation of some of its institutions in capital markets fuels a debate on how social entrepreneurs should balance social missions with financial interests.   At its core, microfinance provides financial resources to those discriminated upon by orthodox financial establishments. Professor Mohammed Yunus, the Nobel Prize-winning... Continue Reading

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