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Akshata Kapoor is a former commissioning editor at Fair Observer. She is also a student at the University of Cambridge. She is an avid debater who also enjoys reading and writing about global politics, gender issues and cultural changes.
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It’s Time to Ban Fair & Lovely

Black Lives Matter protests across the world have brought to light the pernicious influences of systemic racism, from police brutality and racial profiling to more subtle forms of discrimination in popular culture. Not only were anti-black, racist attitudes in India called out, but also the colorism that exists within Indian communities. Taking cognizance of these protests, Hindustan Unilever... Continue Reading

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How to Fight Domestic Violence During a Global Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent restrictions on movement have led to unprecedented lockdowns in countries across the world, leaving people with no choice but to remain at home. While for some this means days of ensuing boredom and lethargy, for vulnerable stakeholders, lockdown measures pose a serious threat. For victims of domestic violence, it means being held captive with their... Continue Reading

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Can a Brutal Murder Shake India into Facing Its Rape Culture?

On November 27, Priyanka Reddy, a veterinary doctor from the Indian state of Telangana, was brutally gang-raped and murdered. Her body was burned to leave little trace of the misdeed. The incident took place when, while traveling home alone on a scooter, Priyanka got off at a toll plaza. A group of four men deflated the tires of her scooter and then, pretending to help her fix it, took her away... Continue Reading

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Feminism in India Can’t Survive Without Empowering the Lower Castes

With a society that is entrenched in stuffy, patriarchal traditions well into the 21st century, India has always relied on women abetting their own empowerment. The feminist movement in India has for a long time has been responsible for raising awareness about the real, grass-roots issues facing women, from property and inheritance rights to alcoholism and harassment. These fundamental questions... Continue Reading

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The Dismal State of #MeToo in India

A dismissed case of sexual harassment in Bollywood shows just how behind India is in its journey toward gender equality. The past days have seen a whirlwind of accusations and emotions surrounding the #MeToo movement in India that are truly representative of the abysmal state of women’s rights in the country. On June 13, a sexual harassment case was closed by the police under the pretext of... Continue Reading

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