Agata Kałabunowska

Agata Kałabunowska holds a PhD in political science from the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, where she conducted research on the ideology of contemporary extreme right in Germany. She is currently a senior analyst at the Institute for Western Affairs in Poznań, and a policy and practitioner fellow at the Centre for Radical Right Analysis (CARR). Her research interests lie in contemporary German politics, right-wing extremism, migration and multiculturalism.

The Fusion of Polish Nationalist Groups and Roman Catholicism

It should not come as a surprise that in Poland, a country where “Catholicism has gained institutional status and an official place within civil society,” religion is being exploited for political activism, including radical ones. Can a Non-Lethal Eco-Terrorism Strategy Pay Off? READ MORE Of course, not all nationalist far-right groups have connections with religion and the... Continue Reading

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Why Does the Radical Right Oppose European Integration?

Right-wing opposition to the European Union, rooted in the perception that integration and all kinds of international cooperation are a threat to the nation-state and its sovereignty, is evident and self-explanatory. Excessive protectiveness of national interests lies at the heart of far-right ideology. As a result, tightening cooperation with supranational actors in political, economic or... Continue Reading

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