Azadeh Shahshahani

Azadeh Shahshahani is Legal & Advocacy Director with Project South and a past president of the National Lawyers Guild (NLG).
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The US Role in Forced Migration from the Middle East

American foreign policy is at the root of forced migration from different parts of the world, and human rights advocates must address the problem at its heart. Human rights advocates and organizers working on immigrants’ rights in the United States must take a broader approach in our advocacy, rather than solely focusing on the rights of people once they get here. As Donald Trump rolls back... Continue Reading

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Detained in Georgia: A Living Nightmare

These are the cruel but usual conditions inside two Georgia immigration detention centers. Paul is a Nigerian asylum-seeker who was until recently detained at the Irwin County Detention Center in Georgia. (“Paul” is a pseudonym to protect his safety.) Paul is 36 years old and was healthy before being taken into US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody. During the summer of 2016,... Continue Reading

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Trump Rides on Shoulders of Obama’s Interventions in Central America

Trump’s policies against immigrants are an intensification of the Obama administration’s targeting of Central American refugees through raids. As the Trump administration continues to criminalize immigrants and refugees, using executive orders to ramp up deportations, conducting large-scale raids that terrorize immigrant communities, and ordering the completion of the wall on the US-Mexico... Continue Reading

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US Government Used 9/11 to Criminalize People of Color

In the 15 years since the 9/11 attacks, heightened surveillance and security have cracked down on Muslims and immigrants. “Do you have any prejudice against Muslims?” We heard the judge ask a set of questions to each potential juror. To this inquiry, one middle aged white woman said, “Yes.” Judge William Duffey Jr. asked her to elaborate. “I’m afraid of them. They want to hurt... Continue Reading

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Guantanamo Bay in the Words of a Prisoner

Written by Mohamedou Ould Slahi, Guantanamo Diary details his life inside the US military prison where he remains to this day. Imagine you receive a knock on the door one day as you return home from work. It’s the police requesting you visit the local police station to answer some routine questions. You take your own car and leave your house for the station to find the course of your life... Continue Reading

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Mexico and US Responsible for Human Rights Crisis

Through its military aid, the US is enabling the continuation of human rights violations in Mexico. An international jury of independent human rights experts and advocates has found Mexico, the United States and key countries of origin of migrants in transit jointly responsible for widespread human rights violations in Mexico, based on hearings held at New York University in September 2015.... Continue Reading

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The Philippine People Are Under Attack From Washington

A tribunal this year uncovered grave violations against the human, economic and cultural rights of Filipinos by America and their own leaders. The Filipino people are under attack. The Lumad, an indigenous group in the southern Philippines, are being forced to leave their ancestral lands and the source of their livelihood to make way for mining operations and land conversion. Resistance is... Continue Reading

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What’s the “Mosque Controversy” in Georgia?

Preventing Muslims or any other group from practicing their faith is un-American, argues Azadeh Shahshahani. Muslim-Americans in Kennesaw, Georgia who had hoped to use space in a retail shopping center as a prayer center recently had to confront hateful and ignorant comments from some residents, accusing them of being “enemies” and “infiltrators.” Even though community members who had... Continue Reading

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A Living Nightmare for Detained Immigrants in Georgia

Facilities at a detention center for immigrants in the United States are deplorable. Reports are mounting of a living nightmare in Lumpkin, Georgia, at Stewart, a 1,750-bed detention facility housing immigrants facing potential deportation. According to multiple interviews with detained immigrants at Stewart, they are dealing with maggots in food, improper medical care, sweltering temperatures... Continue Reading

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From Gaza to Ferguson: Exposing the Toolbox of Racist Repression

Mass incarceration and militarized police forces are two of the most potent tools of repressive instruments of power. From the death and destruction in Israel’s latest war on Gaza to the dramatic arrival of the national guard on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, there have been plenty of brutal reminders on display of the violence that underpins racist repression. But amid the headlines,... Continue Reading

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