Securing the Flow of Aid in Yemen

August 13, 2021

As the war in Yemen splinters, the distribution of humanitarian assistance becomes increasingly difficult. The situation throughout northern Yemen — territory under the control of Houthi rebels — is wrapped into the conflict over restricted access to Hodeida seaport under UN Security Council...

Yemen and a Flicker of Hope

July 19, 2021

The Key Actors in the Yemeni War

March 22, 2021

What Are the Paths Toward Peace in Yemen?

March 04, 2021

FO° Live, in association with Diwan podcast, hosts a conversation about Yemen's six-year conflict and the possible paths toward peace.

Who Are the Houthis?

February 22, 2021

Working Together Toward Peace in Yemen

February 11, 2021

Nothing in recent memory could have possibly done more damage to America’s relations with the Yemeni people and to its image in the region than Washington’s support for the Saudi-led military intervention in Yemen. The conflict produced the worst manmade catastrophe — one that never had to...

Cautiously Optimistic: The Biden Administration’s Options in Yemen

November 16, 2020

As Joe Biden is declared US president-elect, expectations vary from pessimism on the left and among experts in the Middle East to optimism over lessons learned. In the US, the left has already sent the first warnings on expectations, focused on foreign policy and singling out Washington’s...

How to Understand the Crisis in Yemen

October 14, 2020

Is Turkey Playing a Role in Yemen?

August 20, 2020

Throughout 2020, media across the Middle East have been reporting on Turkey’s purported influence and alleged role in Yemen’s civil war.

How Raytheon Runs US Foreign Policy

May 18, 2020

In 2017, US President Donald Trump’s new administration found itself in a quandary. Should it continue providing weapons for use in Saudi Arabia’s murderous war in Yemen that had been raging for two years? In June 2017, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman unexpectedly declared neighboring...

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