How Do Nations and Intelligence Agencies Construct Narratives?

February 25, 2021

Vikram Sood, the retired chief of India's external intelligence agency R&AW, speaks to FO° Talks about the elaborate game of narrative-building by nations and their intelligence agencies.

India-US Relationship Is Now Official

November 13, 2020

After decades of dithering, India has finally opted for American-led security architecture in Asia. In the latest US-India 2+2 meeting of foreign and defense ministers, the two countries concluded a fourth foundational agreement. The four key agreements between the United States and India to date...

Why Are the Indian and Chinese Economies Decoupling?

September 03, 2020

Many experts argue India is the weaker power unable to take on China. In an article in Foreign Policy, James Crabtree argues that a trade war with China would be a bad idea for India. In his view, India’s “military is inefficient, underequipped, and dogged by procurement corruption...

Countering Insurgencies and Violent Extremism in South and Southeast Asia

September 01, 2020

Today, people’s rising aspirations often sit at odds with political stability. Impatience, dissent and violent protests can easily slip into insurgency and terrorism. Various state machineries stand guilty of weaponizing political disaffection in pursuit of political goals. These policies often...

Han and Hindu Nationalism Come Face to Face

July 09, 2020

As dusk fell on June 15, a bloody clash broke out between Chinese and Indian soldiers in the Galwan Valley on the northwest China-India border, where a tributary of the Indus flows westward from Aksai Chin to Ladakh. In line with China’s recent expansionist policy elsewhere, its military had...

Does the US Back India as a Fellow Democracy?

June 29, 2020

Former RAW chief Vikram Sood and ex-CIA operative Glenn Carle discuss how important democracy is to the US-India relationship. This is an extract from a discussion hosted by the Penn Clubs of India, Fair Observer and Fair Insights.