The Rise (and End) of the Blond Bombshells

July 31, 2019

We have in our midst two political leaders who possess remarkably similar characteristics. This is not just in their demeanor, but also in how they share a political perspective on the world, and what it means for global politics as populism remains on the rise and division and discord are sewn as...

Will Boris Johnson Break Free of the Lilliputians?

July 25, 2019

Elected by the Conservative Party as everyone predicted to replace Theresa May as the UK’s prime minister, Boris Johnson’s victory speech reveals as much as it conceals about the future of Britain. Above all, it reveals much of what we already knew about what we might call Johnson’s “speech...

Let’s Meet the Real Boris Johnson

July 18, 2019

Boris Johnson is on course to become the next British prime minister. But, according to The Economist, he could be a dangerous leader.