How to Defund the Police in Canada

July 27, 2020

Police Brutality: It’s About More Than Defunding

June 23, 2020

Every democratic society takes pride in having open discussion and debate, even when their governments prefer to keep certain subjects off the table if not out of sight. Freedom of thought and expression stands as a fundamental precondition to keep people involved in the business of government. In...

Carandiru Massacre’s Defining Moment for Brazil

September 30, 2016

A court decision brings spotlight back onto Brazil’s bloodiest prison revolt. The Military Police Department of São Paulo has a long history of brutality and racial profiling. An Amnesty International report points out that in São Paulo, “serious human rights violations continue to be...

Across Cultures, Street Children and Homeless Youth Face Similar Problems

December 17, 2014

In the developed world, poverty is neither sufficient nor a necessary condition for homelessness. Regardless of wealth, political ideology, government decree or religious affiliation, there is no place on the globe that has succeeded in eliminating homelessness. This is extraordinary, when you...

All Lives Matter

December 16, 2014

Recent spate of police-generated violence suggests that in America, some black lives seem to matter less to some white police officers. It is hard to watch police officers in Cleveland, Ohio, driving up to 12-year old Tamir Rice holding a replica toy gun and then shooting the kid to death. The...