Tracing the Economic Growth of Poland

April 06, 2021

Amidst the Pandemic, Central and Eastern Europe Witnesses an Erosion of Democracy

December 10, 2020

Nearly a year since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, its effects on people’s lives, countries’ economies and health care around the world are becoming clearer. In some Central and Eastern European countries, however, this pandemic has had repercussions in another crucial area: democracy....

Attacks on LGBTQ Rights in Poland: A Critique of Impure Reason

October 11, 2019

It is already clear that the year 2019 in Poland will mark a record number of pride parades: 21 have already taken place and 6 further events are planned. The marches are organized not only in regional capitals but also locally, such as the march in Radomsko, a town of less than 50,000...

The Importance of the Latest Netflix Dystopia

December 21, 2018

1983 is an alternative history that bears disturbing resemblance to contemporary politics. Popular culture is full of alternative histories. Mackinley Kantor wrote a famous article in Look magazine in 1960 about what would have happened if the Confederacy had won the Civil War. Philip Roth’s...

Is Poland the New Hub for the Radical Right?

May 16, 2018

In a world where the radical right is most certainly on the rise, Poland has become a key stomping ground for its adherents. In recent years, Poland has attracted more attention from the international community than any time since its break from communism almost 30 years ago, rivaled only by its...

Welcome to the Birthplace of Trumpism

January 04, 2018

Eastern Europe led the way with the kind of right-wing "populism" that now occupies the White House. He was a rich businessman, an outspoken outsider with a love of conspiracy theories. And he was a populist running for president. In 1990, when Donald Trump was still beyond the furthest...

Destroying One of Europe’s Last Ancient Forests

August 31, 2017

One of Europe’s last primeval forests is on the brink of extinction, and Poland’s commercial logging could push it over the edge. Long gone are the days when Europe was covered in virgin woodlands. Poland’s Bialowieza Forest, on the border with Belarus, is one of the last remaining...

The Rule of Law is Under Threat

July 24, 2017

On both sides of the Atlantic, from Washington to Warsaw, the rule of law is being challenged. Former Irish Prime Minister John Bruton explains. The fact that the president of the United States has suggested that he might use his power to grant presidential pardons to shield himself and his...

The World This Week: Protests in Poland for Freedom and Democracy

December 25, 2016

Poles protest as their conservative government dilutes the independence of the country’s institutions and puts fetters on the press. This week, much of the world was agog over Christmas, a day when a child was born in the modern-day Palestinian town of Bethlehem. When the child grew up, the...

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